Guru Nanak College of Nursing

Rules & Regulations

1. Regular and punctual attendance at lectures, demonstration, practical, clinics and internal examinations, day and night duty in the ward is compulsory.

2. Students failing to attend required lectures and other duties due to any reason will have to make-up the loss time in vacations/extra duty.

3. Students whose progress and conduct are not considered satisfactory will not be allowed to appear for the University or Punjab Nurses Registration Council Examinations.

4. Students are not allowed to paste notices within the institution and are forbidden to address to any outside authority directly. Any student infringing this rule will be suspended.

5. Students returning late from leave are required to make the time missed in vacation.

6. Students are not permitted to use the institution’s telephones.

7. The institution does not hold itself responsible for debts incurred by the students.

8. Students must pay for all damages caused by them to books or other institution property.

9. Students are not allowed to arrange their duty on their own.

10. The decision of the Director/ Principal in all disputes would be final and binding on the students.

11. Students are not allowed to have visitors in the institution while on duty.

12. In case of migration, the decision of the medical superintendent will be final.

13. Students participating in strike or conduct strike will be terminated without any prior notice.

14. If the Govt. imposes any kind of educational tax it will be borne by the students.

15. The student must observe rules of the college enforced from time to time. The student found indulging in anti-college discipline and rules may face the warning at first stage and persistent nature can result in the expulsion of the students. It will be in the interest of the institution as well as when on duty outside the college.

16. The authorities of the institution may take on the spot decision regarding action to be taken to deal with any violation of rules & regulations by the students.


Following items are strictly forbidden within any part of the institution

1. The possession or use of alcoholic beverages.

2. The possession or use of fire arms or any lethal weapons

3. The possession or use of addictive or hallucinogenic (mind-bending) drugs.

4. Mobile phones

5. Other expensive belongings (Gold & Jewellery).

6. Ragging


Every student is to produce the certificate for having been vaccinated against Hepatitis-B or she will be vaccinated on payment at the time of admission.


As per University calendar & instructions from time to time.



   Good accommodation is provided separately for boys and girls.


  • Spacious rooms with attached bathrooms.
  • Fan and Cooler
  • Bed, Table, Chair, Almirah & Mirror
  • Hot water in winter season
  • Common Washing Machine
  • TV room
  • Separate canteen for hostel
  • Games for recreation (separate ground for badminton & volleyball)
  • Telephone facility at hostel reception
  • Provision of internet & cable on demand
  • 24 hours security service

Hostel Rules for Boys and Girls:

  • The hostellers are required to follow the hostel instructions as given below as well as in the rules amended from time to time. An undertaking in the prescribed form shall be submitted by each hostel applicant.
  • Rooms are allotted on the basis of the criteria/procedure laid down by the Principal from time to time. No changes in room occupancy may be affected during the same session.
  • Hostellers will be held fully responsible for any loss or damage to the electrical fittings.
  • Hostellers should avoid keeping expensive/gold items in their rooms. In case of theft of any of these items, the institution shall not be responsible.
  • No hosteller shall be absent from the Hostel without written permission from the Warden. Residents wishing to visit friends or relatives allowed by the parents, even on holidays, shall obtain the written permission of the warden.
  • The room of any hosteller is liable to be inspected by the authorities including Junior Warden at any time of the day or night.
  • Any student found in possession of or having taken alcoholic drinks or any kind of narcotic/intoxicating drugs will be expelled from the hostel.
  • All the hostellers are required to take their meals in the mess and no meal will be served in the rooms.
  • Any illness must be reported to the Warden by the student concerned at once.
  • Hostellers have to submit passport-size photographs of four relatives who will be visiting student and taking home during night pass.
  • No hosteller shall misbehave with the any of the employees under any circumstances.
  • Any hosteller, who wants to go home for any reason, shall first obtain permission from the Hostel Warden and on the basis of that he/she shall seek the Principal permission. Hostellers should get their night pass signed before leaving the hostel.


  • The students will be issued books on library cards only.
  • A student can get two books issued at a time for the period of seven (One week) days only.
  • After the period of seven days, they will be fined Rs. Fifty per day.
  • The periodicals / journals or reference books will not be issued.
  • The library will remain open on all the working days till 4:00 PM.
  • Silence and order must be maintained in library at all times. An infringement of this rule will be suitable dealt with.
  • Any person, who losses, defaces or damage a book will be liable to pay the cost of the book at the current price at that time and in the event of the book being one of the set or series, the cost of whole set or series will be recovered if the single book from the series lost/damaged is not available.
  • Books, those required for occasional references such as encyclopedias, atlas, yearbooks will not be issued from the library.
  • Books will be issued strictly on the priority of demand.
  • During annual stock checking, all books issued must be returned. A student who does not return the book shall have to pay double the charges