Guru Nanak College of Nursing



Nursing is a science and an art. It is in fact a vocation which  harmoniously  combines the two aspects.

To-day nursing has become a highly respected and skilled profession. The modern nurse is well informed about the sophisticated equipments used in diagnosis and treatment therapy,  latest surgical procedures, intensive care of the severely ill besides  haemodialysis,  organ transplant and a host of other complicated and difficult tasks which she may be handling in her daily routine. Her role in community health, child welfare and family planning is assuming great importance day by day.

The Professional Nursing services meet the physical, psychological, spiritual and social needs of the human beings.

Candidates, desirous of joining this noble career,  satisfying the basic requirements of the respective degree / diploma courses undergo the training in recognized schools or colleges.  After completion of the same, they get themselves registered with the State Nursing Council  or the Indian Nursing Council after which they can serve   in India or abroad.