Teaching learning process

The most significant component at Guru Nanak Group of Colleges is experiential learning by giving students hands-on learning opportunities. Thus we are able to expand the function of classroom learning and add to dynamic educational & health care experience.

Studies have proved that students learn best and remember the learning when they are encouraged to actively explore, experiment and work out demonstrable solutions to problems. Hands-on education challenges bright students to achieve more and helps struggling learners to find new ways to master and apply complex concepts in life. It also sparks the love of learning, develops skills and the confidence to tackle the unknown, which is what the real world is mostly about.
In each course students will spend between 20 to 35% of their total contact hours in laboratory exercises, experiments, project work, practicing schools and Educational tours and internships.

The communication skills course, on the other hand, will involve a mandatory practice in the Language Lab, where students will be assessed based on their skills. They would work on improving their communication and body language skills. We have various types of activities in experiential learning at Guru Nanak Group of Colleges; All these are with one common goal which aims at providing a “hands-on” experience outside the classroom.
Each course offered by Guru Nanak Group of Colleges has clearly documented and mapped learning outcomes, which encourage faculty to stick to one teaching plan for the semester and deliver a high standard of performance. The course teaching plans are shared with students at the beginning of the course, so that they know what to expect, and can plan and pace their learning, and take advantage of the flexibilities built into the academic structure.
Following are some of the learning activities in brief:
The lectures conducted for every course aim at infusing and developing the conceptual, communication and application oriented skills in the students. The class rooms and lecture halls are well equipped with modern teaching aids like the multimedia projectors and computers with Wi-Fi connectivity which make teaching more interesting and interactive for students. The simulated teaching software helps the student to understand the process in highly visualized form.
Tutorials are small group teaching methods that provide opportunities to the students to discuss, debate, quiz and revise their understanding of various subjects with their classmates. A tutor is assigned to asses them as a group.
The students are free to express their doubts in these classes. The tutor concerned clarifies their doubts in simple and best possible methods.
The vital part of any project program at Guru Nanak Group of Colleges is done very practically. A group of students are collectively doing practical & project works. Those are believed to be accelerated and active learning projects, requiring an efficient effort both in planning and implementation as well as in preparing a substantial final written work product. The students in group are allowed to select a project from their domain and they are asked to conduct practical and real life studies on all of them. The students will be enabled to have learning experience by means of educating them of how to convert the theoretical knowledge to the practical one. They find it to be the good opportunity to learn better by working with team.

Case Based Teaching
Case Based Teaching is launched to facilitate the students to connect theory with the contemporary world. The relevant cases to clarify the concepts learnt by the students are given to them well in advance so that the students can come prepared to discuss the case study in the class. This type of discussions encourages the students to apply the concepts learnt for decision making in their educational and professional careers.
Innovative and Relevant Practical Sessions
Challenging experiments are furnished for stimulating the creativity among the students. The students give their presentations on inventive practical work followed by open house viva in which they have to illustrate the interpretations.
Educational Tours
Students of Guru Nanak Group of Colleges are visiting continuously many organizations in all over India in connection with their respective profession. One male and one female teachers are deputed to accompany the students during the educational tour so that they can understand their practical work.
A Doctor, Nurse & a Teacher should be able, how to treat the patients and how to teach the students, he / she should also think logically, speak logically, and behave logically moreover he/she should be logical. Keeping this aspect in view, we have established guidance and counseling cell & provisions extra practical training programme.

Mock Interviews
Mock Interviews are held on regular basis to continuously train the students so as to how to face the interview conducted by the Miscellaneous Government / Hospital expert panelists. The college creates a virtual mutual environment for the students in every mock interview. These virtual interview sessions are scheduled to be held at a place where the students respond as their final interview day. These sessions are recorded audio-visually and shown to the students. Thereafter feedback is provided on each individual basis by the panel. It is therefore strengthening the students to know and to do their own competitive examination & to make it possible, the Panel is an inclusive of experienced teachers from the College.
Students of Guru Nanak Group of Colleges are encouraged to work in any reputed organization associated with their professional fields. Thereby they are successfully getting trained in that organization.
Guest Lectures
Medical & Educational students need much exposure to their respective field related activities. To become an ready professional, every student must focus her attention on research work and other related areas. Guest lectures are a part of their continuous learning. Professors and renowned professionals from diverse fields can share their ideas during the Guest Lecture. Such lectures will enlighten the young minds in taking right career path.

At Guru Nanak Group of Colleges, Professors & Senior Lecturers from reputed institutions come and give their useful talks and provide a proper direction to students. Workshops, Seminars and Extension Lectures are also conducted in all areas to provide a platform for cogitation and knowledge sharing. Renowned Educationist and Medical experts professionals are invited to the campus to bring the practical and novel applications from the actual working environment and give extra input to the students on the most recent topics as well as the subjects which are relevant to their area of specialization.
All the Head of the Departments always aim at implementing novel ideas. With the inclusion of Non-academic calendar in the regular time table, students are better exposed to various skills required for the Medical & Educational field. Oral presentations and other related activities boost up students’ morale and make them more knowledgeable and communicative. In every aspect, these lectures and activities will pave the way for their bright future.