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Ayurveda is the complete Encyclopedia (Veda) of life (Ayu) is known as AYURVEDA,wich provides a complete knowledge of LIFE & AGE alongwith comprehensive description of herbs, minerals & trace Elements for Healthcare & protection of diseases along the curative aspects. Ayurveda was perfectly based on empirical observation rather than philosophy alone.

Ayurveda is an ancient medical science of INDIA based on the resources derived from nature. Thousands years ago, revered physicians like LORD DHANWANTARI, CHARAK and first Indian surgeon SUSHRUTA practised Ayurveda and left a high heritage of knowledge of ayurvedic system of Medicines. The earliest Indian literatures , the VEDA, which date back from about 1500 B.C. contain detailed description of numerous disorders and their treatment.

The Vedic era ended in about 800 B.C. but the medical tradition of Ayurveda survived and were further developed under RISHIS, MUNIS &ACHARYAS. As a result by about 500 A D the Indian Medicines had become scientifically a perfect system of Treatment.

According to Ayurveda, good health is maintained by the continuous process of regeneration and reconsititution of human tissues(KAYAKALPA). Ayurveda has established that the human body is made of TRIDOSH (Vata, pitta and Kapha) SAPTADHATU (Rasa, Rakta, Meda, Mams, Asthi, Majja and Sukra) and Malamutra. Disharmony of these three humors (constituents)leads to disease. To prevent any inequilivrium, nature has provided us herbs, fruits and minerals in abundance. The stresses and strains and condition of today’s living, however prevent us from intake of an adequate quantum of sack herbs, fruits and minerals.

AYURVEDA is the science of keeping perfect physical and mental health. It is a well organised system of medicine which originated in INDIA about 300000 years ago and is being paractised even today. Recently WHO has adopted the utility of traditional system of medicine and recognized Ayurveda as one of the most efficascious system of medicine.

We manufacture and market full range of AYURVEDIC MEDICINES as per the requisite Standards of Quality.

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